Dondakaya In English

Here we will let you the meaning of Dondakaya In English.Actually this is the name of a vegetable in south india.This is used on large extent to make fry and other recipes.Where people will use this frequently in their menu. Dondakaya has diffeerent names in english,it is called with different names here iam providing all the names,You can use any one of the following as its meaning in english.

Dondakaya in english is called with following different names,

Ivy Gourd


The picture of Ivy Gourd looks like this,for your confirmation you can observe the picture once.
The same Ivy Gourd also contains some scars or lines on its surface such type of DONDAKAYA  is called as Scarlet Gourd

Dondakaya with lines or scars on its surface is called as Scarlet Gourd.

Uses Of Dondakaya

  • These have medicinal value in the traditional medicinal practices this is used to  treat leprosy, fever, asthma, bronchitis, and jaundice.
  • Ivy gourd is rich in beta-carotene.
  • It helps to reduce the fat.

Know the names of other Telugu vegetables in English here

  • Vankaya In English Brinjal.
  • Boodidha Gummidikaya in English Ash Gourd./winter melon/wax gourd
  • Chukka koora in English Red sorrel
  • Goru chikkudu in English Cluster beans 
  • Kakarakaya in English Bitter Gourd
  • Dondakaya in english Tindoora
  • Anapakaya in english Bottle Gourd 
  • Chikkudukaya in english Broad Beans, Kidney Beans
  • Alugadda in english potato
  • Sorayakaya in english Bottle Gourd
  • Bangaladumpa in english Potato
  • usirikaya in english Goose Berry
  • Bangalore Mirchi in english Capsicum
  • Tamata in english Tomato
  • Pachi Mirapa Kaya in english Green Chilli
  • Bendakaya in english lady’s-finger
  • Potlakaya in english Snake Gourd
  • Beerakaya in english Ridge Gourd
  • Mullangi in english Radish
  • Dosakaya in english  Cucumber
  • Panasa kaaya in english Jack fruit
  • Mulakkaaya in english Drumstick
  • Mulakkaaya in english Drumstick
  • Thotakura in english Amaranthus
  • gopi puvvu in english caulliflower
  • gopi gadda in english cabbage
  • yendu mirapakaya in english Red Chilli
  • kothimeera in english  Coriander
  • karivepaku in english curry leaves.
  • kandagadda in english elephant foot yam or suran
  • beerakaya in english Ridge Gourd
  • Chamagadda in english Colocasia
  • chikkudukaya in english  Broad beans
  • Mokkajonna in english Corn
  • Paalakura in english Spinach
  • Gongura in english Sorrel
  • puntikoora in english Kenaf / Roselle
  • Bachalikura in english Chinese spinach
  • Kandagadda in english Sweet Potato
  • Menthi Kura in english FenuGreek Leaves
  • Pachi Mirapa Kaya in english Green Chilli
  • Beetroot in english Beetroot
  • Bhatani in english Green Peas
  • pudina Akulu in english Mint Leaves
  • Puttagodugulu in english Mushroom
  • Vellulli in english Garlic
  • gummadikaya in english pumpkin
  • aratikaya in english raw banana
  • Kobbari Kaaya in ednglish Coconut
  • Tella Chikkudukaya in english Butter Beans
  • Thiyya Gummadikaya, Thipi Gummadikaya in english Butternut Squash
  • Kheera Dosakaya in english Cucumber
  • Bobbarlu in english Cowpeas
  • Mulakada in english drumstick
  • Gongura in english Kenaf / Roselle
  • alachandalu in english lentil

Hope you got clear idea about what is the meaning of Dondakaya In can also search for the names of other vegetables in english.In the search bar above type the telugu vegetable name and get its name in english.

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