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About KCR Biography Wiki Born Place Age Wife Son Political Career:Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao popularly lnown as KCR is famous Indian politician.His name is written in the history of telangana as the first Chief Minister of Telangana.Scroll down to know more about kcr biography.

In general elections (2018-19) he is elected as Member of the Legislative Assembly from the Gajwel constituency of Siddipet District.He became the CM of the state for the second time.

Here in this article about kcr biography know complete details of KCR.

About KCR Biography

About KCR Biography

KCR was born on 17th FEBRUARY 1954 in a small village called as Chinthamadaka.This village is located in Siddipet mandal of Medak district Telangana.

The name of his father is K.Raghava Rao and his mother name is Venkatamma.

KCR Family

Dear readers now in the article about kcr biography let us read 5 minutes about kcr family.

He completed his M.A Telugu literature from Osmania university.His wife name is K.Shobha.This couple has one son by name K.Taraka Rama Rao Popularly known as KTR and one daughter by name Kavitha.Both of them are very much active in the Telangana politics.This is KCR family


His son KTR is now elected as Member of Legislative Assembly from Sircilla Assembly constituency.He was also appointed as working president of Telangana Rashtra Samithi by KCR.This made him as the second boss of TRS party.He is fluent in English ,Telugu,Hindi and Urdu.

KCR Daughter

KCR Daughter kavitha is MP of TRS from Nizamabad Lok Sabha Constituency.She is considered as the first woman parliamentarian from Telangana sate.She became very much popular by Bathukamma which is a floral festival of Telangana.She is also well known with Telangana Jagruthi.

KCR Political Career

As this is going to be all about kcr biogrpahy now let us throw some light on the political career.

KCR was first in the congress party.He was very active in those days as youth congress member.He performed the activities as youth congress member through out the Medak district.

He contested as president of student union but he was defeated.Ananthula Madan Mohan Indian national Congress leader was his god father in politics.

In the year 1975 he completed his degree.Those were the days of emergency.He went to Delhi and joined in Sanjay Vichaar Manch.After the death of Sanjay Gandhi he returned to Siddipet.

KCR Career In TDP Telugu Desam Party

In about kcr biography his career in the TDP party is going to be very much important and this part is main for boosting him to keep a new party.please scroll down.

When he was active in conngress the famous telugu cinema star NTR started TDP Telugu Desam Party.When NTR invited the intellectuals in the congress party to join the TDP,KCR got attracted towards the policies of TDP and joined hands with NTR.

KCR joined in TDP in the year 1983.In the same year he contested as Siddipet MLA against his political god father A.Madan Mohan of congress party.In this election he was defeated.KCR was defeated only with 877 votes.

In the year 1985 he again contested as siddipet MLA against A.Madan Mohan.This time he won the election and went to assembly.This was his first victory as MLA.

In the years 1989,1994,1999 and in 2001 KCR won as MLA consecutively.In the year 1987-88 he also worked as drought and relief minister in NTR cabinet.In the year 1992-93 KCR worked as Public Under Taking Chairman.

In the years 1997-98 KCR was appointed as cabinet minister.He worked as Transport Minister.This was in Chandrababu Naidu Cabinet.

In the year 1999 Chandrababu Naidu did not offer any ministry to KCR.This made KCR disappointed.

In the years 2000-01 he served as deputy speaker of AP assembly.

KCR Career In Telangana Rashtra Samithi TRS

KCR was not satisfied with deputy speaker post.In the year 2001 on april 21st he resigned to the post and also to the TDP party.

Then he took up the voice of telangana people.He demanded separate Telangana state.The people of telangana believed strogly that the separate state is the only solution for the discrimination which is present against telangana region.

In the year 2001 on 27th april KCR announced a new party Telangana Rashtra Samithi TRS at Jaladrushyam in Hyderabad.

He declared that the main aim of TRS party is to achieve separate Telangana statehood.

In the 2004 general elections he formed an alliance with congress party.He formed the alliance because the congress party promised KCR to give telangana state.

In these elections TRS won 5 MP seats.In these elections KCR won siddipet assembly seat and Karimnagar Loksabha seat also.

With this victory TRS became a part in the UPA government led by the congress party.KCR became the central minister for labour and employment.

Aley Narendra who also won the MP seat from medak got ministry of Rural development in the UPA government.

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KCR Resignations During Telangana Agitation

TRS party later with drew their support for the UPA governmet when TRS party suspected that the UPA government was not in the way of giving telangana state.

KCR resigned for the ministry and also for the Loksabha seat.Then he contested again to laksabha from karimnagar challenging congress party.In this election he won against jeevan reddy with great majority of 200,000 votes.

In the agitation of telangana movement he again resigned to the MP.Soon after he contested again.This time he won with less number of votes.He won with only 15000 votes.

For the 15th Loksabha in the year 2009 he contested from Mehaboobnagar for Loksabha and won the election against Vittal Rao.

Not only in the general elections but also in all elections which were conducted due to his resignations KCR won them with greta Majorities.Resignations became his main weapon in the initial stage of telangana agitation.

KCR Hunger Strike In Khammam

In the year 2009 KCR went to hunger strike for the formation of telangna state in the Khammam town.On the same day he was arrested and taken to the Khammam sub jail.Then he continued the hunger strike in the jail.When his health situation gone down he was shifted to government hospital.

Congress party laid a committee to study the situations for the formation of telangana state.This became the first victory for the formaiton of telangana state.

Passing Of Resolution For The Formation Of Telangana State

After several drametic situations the congress working committee on 1st july 2013 passed a resolution recommending the formation of Telangana state.

After several talks and several stages the bill was placed in the parliament and was passed successfully on 14th February.

Officially the new state started functioning from June 2nd 2014.so June 2nd was considered as the Telangana formation day.

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First Elections After Formation Of Telangana State

After formation of telangana state in the 2014 general elections were conducted.TRS party contested alone through out the state.In this elections TRS party won 63 out of 119 assembly seats.and 11 loksabha seats out of 17 seats.

TRS party being the single largest party formed the first government in the telangana state.

KCR As CM Of Telangana

On june 2nd 2014 KCR took an oath as the first CM of telangana state.KCR being a strong believer of astrology,numerology and vasthu he choosed the time 12:57 to take oath as CM .As his lucky number 6 reflected in the time of ceremony.

very interesting twist in about kcr biography.He acted as CM of telangana for about four and half years,He then dissolved the assembly 6 months earlier and went to elections.In these elections TRS party won about 88 seats and formed the government for the second time.

Many welfare schemes which are implemented by KCR government made him chief minister for the second time also.Mainly his welfare schemes made the people to elect the same government for the second time.

List Of Welfare Schemes Of KCR Government sankshema pathakalu

The below given list is the list of welfare schemes of Telangana governmnet which made the TRS party to get a bumper victory.

  • Rythu bandhu scheme
  • Amma odi scheme
  • KCR kit pathakam
  • Arogya Laxmi pathakam
  • Kalyana Laxmi Scheme
  • Chenetha Laxmi Scheme/pathakam
  • Asara pension Scheme/pathakam
  • Telangana Grama Jyothi Scheme
  • Telangana Palle Pragathi Scheme/pathakam
  • Haritha haaram Scheme/pathakam
  • Mana Ooru Mana Pranaalika Scheme
  • Fiber Grid Scheme
  • Mission Kakathiya Scheme
  • Mission bhagiratha Scheme
  • Shadi Mubarak Scheme
  • She Teams
  • Task
  • T Hub
  • TS Ipass
  • V Hub
  • Telangana State BC Council
  • Telangana State Medical Council
  • KCR Double Bed Room Scheme

Double Bed Room Scheme

Double Bed Room scheme launched for the poor people became more popular.This scheme was started in the year 2015 with a budget of rupees of twenty thousand rupees.In this scheme it is estimated to construct the houses for about 2.72 lakhs of beneficiaries.

Women And Child Health Schemes

In order to improve the women and child health KCR government started different schemes like Amma Odi and KCR Kit.This programme is designed for the pregnant ladies.This programme also became very popular.

The benefits of the programme will be given only if the women delivers in the government hospital.This programme is mainly intended to reduce the infant mortality rate.

Out of 1000 babies 28 babies are going to death bed soon after the delivery because of lack of medical help.So by this scheme government wants to reduce the death rate in the infants.

Not only medical assistance but also financial assistance is also given to the delivered women in KCR Kit scheme

Amma Vodi scheme provides transport facility for the deliverd women to the baby and mother at the home after the delivery.The mother is also dropped in the hospital before delivary with a small intimaiton.

KCR Political Statistics

Yearcontested forOpponentMajorityResult
1983MLAA.Madan Mohan
1985MLAMahender Reddy (con)16156WON
1989MLAA.Madan Mohan(con)13816WON
1994MLAA.Madan Mohan(con)27107WON
1999MLAswamy charan CON27555WON
2001MLAsrinivas reddy TDP58712WON
2004MLAjilla srinivas44668WON
2004MPCH.Vidyasagar rao BJP131168WON
2006MPjeevan reddy CON201582WON
2008MPjeevan reddy CON15765WON
2009MPvittal rao CON20184WON
2014MLApratap reddy TDP19391WON
2014MPnarendra nath397029WON
2018MLApratap reddy58290WON


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