Beerakaya In English Meaning Telugu To English

Here i will provide the name of Beerakaya In English .To know the exact meaning and what it is called in english just scroll down.

  • This vegetable is very useful inorder to reduce the acidity.
  • This consists of lots of fiber so it is helpful in reducing the constipation.
  • It is highly nutritious.
  • It is cooling in nature and it is very easy to digest.
  • It is very good for diabetics because it is very low calorie food.

Beerakaya in English Is Called as Ridgegourd 

You can confirm the vegetable by looking at the picture which is given below.

Also Know what Beerakaya is called as in different indian languages from below.

  • In Hindi it is called as Torai.
  • In Bengali it is called as Jhinge.
  • In Tamil it is called as Peerkangal.
  • In Kannada it is called as tuppadahirekayi
  • In malayalam it is called as peechinga
  • In Marathi it is called as dodka
  • In Manipuri it is called as Sebot.

This list will be updated regularly. Hope you got the exact meaning of Beerakaya In English To know the exact word with which the other indian vegetables are called in english please search this website.Just enter the required name in your language and hit the search button to know what it is exactly called in english.

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