January 31 Independence Day of Nauru wiki History

Nauru is celebrating its Independence day on 31st January 1968.Nauru became an independent nation on this day.

January 31 Independence Day of Nauru wiki History

Before getting independence Naura was occupied and ruled by number of nations.

3000 years age initially Naura was inhabited by Micronesians and Polynesians.

January 31 Independence Day of Nauru wiki

The first Westerner who came to Nauru was a British sea captain.His name is John Fearn.He was a whale hunter.In the process of hunting the whales he came ti Nauru in the year 1798.

Who Named Nauru As Pleasant Island

John Fearn named Nauru as a pleasant Island.

From the year 1830 Nauruans maintained proper relationship with Europeans.

In the 19th century the people who came from Europe started living in Nauru.These people traded the food particles for fire arms and palm wines

Who Ruled Nauru Before Independence

Germans had an agreement with Great Britain earlier.According to this agreement Germans occupied Nauru in the year 1888.

After the agreement German joined Nauru in to the group of Germany’s Marshall Islands.

When the Germans took incharge of the Island they put an end to the civil war in the Island.They appointed lings to rule the Island.

Germans ruled Nauru for about three decades.

In the year 1900 the reserves of Phosphate was discovered in the Island Nauru. The Pacific Phosphate Company  made an agreement with Germany and started exploiting the phosphate reserves on the Island.

History Of Independence Of Nauru

During the second world war in the year 1914,Nauru was occupied by Australia.In the year 1919 an agreement was made by Allied and Associated Powers.

According to this agreement George V the king of united kingdom will have all the powers on the Island.1919 between the governments of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand provided for the administration of the island and for extraction of the phosphate deposits by an intergovernmental British Phosphate Commission (BPC).

In the year 1923 Australia got the powers over the island Nauru.In the year 1942 on 25th august Japan occupied Nauru.Japanese used Nauruans as workers to work on various islands occupied by the Japanese.

In the year 1945 Japan surrendered Nauru to Australian army.In the year another agreement was made.According to this agreement the UK, Australia, and New Zealand got joint authority on the Island.But actually the administrative power was in the hands of Australia alone.

At last in the year 1966 Nauru became self governing.in the year 1968 Nauru became Independent.Phosphate mines were purchased by Nauruans.This made Nauruans the most richest people in the world.

How Is The National Flag Of Nauru What Does It Represents

How Is The National Flag Of Nauru What Does It Represents

The flag was selected from the local design competition on 31st january 1968.The blue colour of the flag indicates the pacific ocean as the Island is in the Pacific ocean.The gold horizontal stripe running acreoss the flag indicates the equator.There is white 12 pointed star on the flag.This star represents 12 tribes on the Island.

What are the twelve tribes Of Nauru

The following are the 12 tribes of Nauru

  • Eamwit
  • Eamwitmwit
  • Ranibok
  • Irutsi
  • Iruwa
  • Eamwidara
  • Eaoru
  • Emangum
  • Deiboe
  • Eano
  • Emea
  • Iwi

What Is The National Anthem Of Nauru

The national anthem of Nauru is “Nauru Bwiema” – “Nauru, our homeland”.

Who wrote the lyrics of national anthem of Nauru

The lyrics for the national anthem of Nauru are written by Margaret Hendrie in the year 1862.

Who composed the national anthem of Nauru

The national anthem of Nauru was composed by Laurence Henry Hicks.

Glimpses on January 31 Independence Day of Nauru wiki History

Capital : Yaren
Largest city : Denigomodu
Official languages : Nauruan
Common languages : English
Government : Unitary parliamentary republic under a non-partisan democracy : President Baron Waqa
Speaker of the Parliament : Cyril Buraman
Got Independence from UN trusteeship, (from the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand) Got Independence In the the year in 31 January 1968

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