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If you are searching for the meaning of Lavangam in English and if you want to know what is Lavangam in english,then you are in the perfect page.Here you can have the perfect word which  is provided for you from most trusted sources.
Scientific name of Lavangam is Syzygium aromaticum

Lavangam in English is called as Cloves

What are cloves called in other Indian Languages 

Lavngam in hindi,tamil,malayalam,kannada,bengali,gujarathi,marathi,punjabi is called with the following names.

  • Hindi-Lavang
  • Telugu-Lavangam-Lavangalu
  • Tamil-Krambu
  • Malayalam-Krambu
  • Kannada-Lavanga
  • Bengali-Labanga
  • Gujarathi-Lavang
  • Marathi-Lavang
  • Punjabi-Long.

Below is the image of Cloves/Lavangalu


Cloves are commercially harvested primarily in Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.These are available through out the year.These are native to Indonesia.

Native of Lavangam/Cloves is Indonesia

These are used in large extent in the indian Ayurvedic medicine and traditional chineese medicine.

Uses /Health Benefits Of Lavangam

  •  Lavangam is used to relieve from the Tooth pain.
  • These are used to reduce the inflamation of muscles.
  • Cloves help in the digestion.
  • cloves are anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic
  • These are packed with omega 3 fatty acids,fiber and lots of vitamins.
  • Lavangalu are good antioxidents.
  • Lavangam is a good source of minerals.

Hope you got good idea about Lavangam In Englilsh,What is Lavngam In English and Lavangam meaning in English.

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